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need help to marketing your events or have something else in mind?


Grant-in-aids are awarded to organizations who need funding to expand their reach to attract visitors and residents into the CBIA membership area. Funds are allotted in June for the next fiscal year. If an application is received, it is assessed based on any additional unallotted funds that have been defined as open for grant-in-aids.



Grants can be requested by any business or organizations within Chemainus. The event, occasion or marketing initiative must meet some specific criteria regarding funneling people into town. We need to ensure any grants that are given can lead back to business within the member areas.



The Board of Directors of the Chemainus Business Improvement Association will review each application and assess at the subsequent board meeting. Approvals, changes, or denials will be given in writing to the applicant.


Simply follow the prompts

on the online form and submit.


Click here to apply for a
potential grant

If you would like to discuss or do not hear from us within 30 days please contact us

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