Gift one of these beautiful Gift Certificates for any occasion. You select the business you wish these to be from, the amount you want to gift, and who these will be to/from.


AMOUNT: Type the dollar value amount you wish in the quantity box below for an exact value of the Gift Certificate. You can choose any amount down to the dollar! Full Amount will show on one Gift Certificate to the identified person.


BUSINESSES: Select the business you wish to purchase this gift certificate for from the drop down list.


DELIVERY: Postal shipping, local delivery, or email generated.

SECURITY: Each gift certificate comes with a randomly generated custom coded number which will also be sent to that business for verrification, among other security details built into the gift certificate. 

Gift Certificate For Chemainus Businesses: Select Your Amount

  • Certificate does not expire, a replacement certificate will not be issued if lost or stolen, no returns/ refunds/ exchanges once order is placed.

Quantity selected below will indicate Value. 
Full amount on one Gift Certificate.