Halloween in Chemainus

We watched as approximately 350 children descended upon the town to Trick or Treat on Saturday, October 28th. The revised format requires some minor tweaking and additions, but all in all this event was well attended and well liked. Congrats to the business owners for making it so special and for keeping up with the candy. This gives us a good benchmark for next year's event. The Legion, Mt. Brenton Golf Cours, and Riot Brewing also held popular Halloween events. What an exciting town!

Chemainus Valley Courier Facebook Article & Images:

Some scenes around Chemainus from Halloween that seemed to last for several days this year, being on a Tuesday. It all began Saturday with a great event for the kids in downtown Chemainus hosted by the Chemainus Business Improvement Association. Shop owners were also dressed up in costumes on the actual day. Included here are a few photos of the Halloween train courtesy of JoHannah Knight.

Article and images provided by the Chemainus Valley Courier.