Dine Cowichan is Back for 2018

DINE COWICHAN February 23 – March 11, 2018 = 17 Days, 3 Weekends

Dine Cowichan is back! The Duncan Cowichan Chamber launched Dine Cowichan in 2017. The program attracted 24 restaurants, and we had great feedback from participating restaurants. Dine Cowichan encourages dining out at local restaurants during the post-Valentine’s Day seasonal slow-down. Generous advertising, attractive marketing, and most of all, distinctive menus at great prices, get folks out to new restaurants, and back to their favourites.



 -Multiple exposures - Cowichan Valley Citizen

 -Social media with Chamber Twitter (1600+ followers), and Facebook (850+ likes, 7000+ monthly reach) & Instagram

 -Juice FM Campaign, both ads & interviews.

 -Valley Voice, editorial and ad

 -What’s On Digest, editorial and ad

 -Dedicated Dine Cowichan web presence on the Duncan Cowichan Chamber website

We’ve even got “word of mouth” covered - Travel Counsellors at the Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre and other Valley Visitor Centres will promote Dine Cowichan information to all visitors. This includes stocking/providing menus and even calling to book reservations.

Your Participation Announced on Social Media: We announce Dine Cowichan participants as they come on board with social media postings including a photo and links – helping you promote you restaurant. On Location: The Chamber will provide attractive Dine Cowichan tent cards for you tables. This promotes the brand, and piques patron interest.


Your Choice of Price Points: Restaurants can participate at one, or any, of the following price points: $15 per person (pp), $20 pp, $25 pp, $35 pp or $45 pp. Research indicates that providing a selection of price points can bring more diners to your establishment.

Your Choice of Menu Options: Typically, a multi-course menu (starter, entree, dessert) works best - but we leave it to you to create a Dine Cowichan menu that best suits your restaurant. Participants had success with “Two Can Dine” specials, bundled specials, multi-course or single plate options, beer and wings...Feel free to be creative. Patrons can order from your regular menu too – but Dine Cowichan menu(s) must be available. Restaurants are encouraged to promote Cowichan wines, ales, spirits and ciders to bring diners the full Cowichan experience.

Pick up and share Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.

Participating restaurants must provide menus to the Duncan Cowichan Chamber by Feb. 2/18. Menus will be posted to the Dine Cowichan webpage and social media as participants come on board. Early participation and menu commitment means greater exposure for you. Contact the Chamber for further details, and watch for the online Dine Cowichan FAQ in January 2018.


• $275 – Members in good standing of any Chamber in the Cowichan Valley: Duncan Cowichan, Chemainus & District Chamber, Ladysmith, Lake Cowichan & District

• $375 – Not a member of any Chamber of Commerce in the Cowichan Valley

• $425 – Non-Member Bundle, $500 value for just $425

- Dine Cowichan 2017 Participation Fee

- 1 year Racking & Referrals at the Cowichan Regional Visitor Centre

PARTICIPANT GUIDELINES | Dine Cowichan: Feb. 23 – Mar. 11/18

Registration Deadline: Jan. 26/17 Menu Deadline: Feb. 2/18

1. Restaurants can participate at any one or all of the following price points: $15 pp, $20 pp, $25 pp, $35 pp, 0r $45

pp. Multiple menu items/price points and options are encouraged to attract more diners to your establishment.

You choose how to present the Dine Cowichan menu items as best suits your restaurant and patrons. (i.e. 2 can

dine, bundled items, etc.)

2. Taxes, gratuities and beverages are not included in the Dine Cowichan price points.

3. You agree to provide patrons with the Dine Cowichan menu(s) in addition to your regular menu(s) for the

duration of the event, Feb. 23 – Mar. 11, 2018. You will not offer the Dine Cowichan menu(s) prior to February 23,


4. Dine Cowichan, The Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, and program partners make no representations

or warranties with respect to participants’ sales volume or customer traffic during Dine Cowichan Feb. 23 – Mar.


5. Registration fees are not refundable.

6. You agree to brief your staff about Dine Cowichan to ensure high quality, knowledgeable service for consumers,

and that staff have general information about Dine Cowichan.

7. You agree to display all Dine Cowichan print material, table tent cards and other Dine Cowichan materials

provided to you by the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, regardless of any corporate branding conflicts,

for the duration of the program.