The CBIA and Chemainus Communications Group have called a meeting/Q&A with the Mayor, CAO, and Planner to discuss the future and support of Chemainus. Come to hear what they have to say as well as ask relevant questions of your own. ​ Tuesday, April 24th starting promptly at 4:30 pm- 6 pm at the Seniors Centre

Items to discuss on the agenda are as follows: 1. Municipal Support for Chemainus • General support discussion • Changes if proposed Duncan & North Cowichan amalgamation takes place - Delays that may be encountered for Chemainus during/after vote 2. Planning regarding the revitalization projects and vision (found here):

• Chemainus Road & River Road Roundabouts

• Waterfront & Sea walk • Western Forest/Island Timberlands area • Revitalization for Old Town • Community Space • Green initiatives (bikes, bike racks, etc.) • Other items appearing in the plan 3. Parks Master Plan for Chemainus 4. Crime in the cores (affecting business owners) 5. Speeding and Pedestrian crossing lights (Henry + Chemainus Rd) 6. Signage: gateway/highway indication and existing wayfinding program promised 7. Parking & Bus Locations (Old Town overflow) 8. Road work & Cleaning timelines 9. Additional Issues 10. Question and Answer Period - Anyone is able to ask relevant questions

We will be holding a 30-minute question and answer period atthe end for any unanswered questions. We are keeping this meetings attendance to specifically Businesses and Organizations within Chemainus(or those associated) as we have limited time to ensure all of the above-noted items are discussed. At this time we can not include residential discussions/challenges. Let's make this meeting great so that we can all get on the same page and forge ahead. If you have never read or need a refresher on the Municipal plans for Chemainus click here.