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Learning Video Resources & Digital Workshop Wednesdays

LEARNING VIDEO RESOURCES: We as the BIA are dedicating two days a week (MONDAY & FRIDAY) to developing video learning resources for our members. We will be walking you through and addressing all points of business from setting up an online store and crisis management, all the way to how to take photographs of your products and engage locals in the community. Each week will have a theme and the videos will be available for your use anytime on the resource section of our website.


Each Wednesday at 9 am, we will be holding a live online workshop for businesses through Facebook Live Video. Beforehand we will share a workshop document which we will discuss online and walk you through how to use it during this video. Because it is a facebook live platform, you are able to join, message and ask questions while we are going through the exercise which we can answer in realtime. The document given to you will coordinate/compliment the Learning Resources videos we will be releasing that week. We will host this video on the Chemainus Business Community Facebook page.

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