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FREE Increasing Local Business Reach

Extending on our Business Profiles, and Neighbourhood Good we are continuing our program which is absolutely FREE for business owners to take part. If you decide you wish to take park, we will come to your business and do everything for you. As a member there is no fee involved, and we are going to be pushing this out in many ways.

  1. VIDEO INTERVIEW (FREE) We are going to be conducting a video interview and developing a 30 second promotional one as well as a longer 1 minute one. The 30 second promo will be the business spotlight, where as the 1 minute one will be branded with your store logo.

  2. PHOTOGRAPHS (FREE) We will be taking 10-30 photos of your location, editing for light and tone and using them in our marketing material to represent your business. This will go in everything from newspapers to online ads. We will also give these to you, so you can use them however you wish. If you do not yet have a business profile photo with us, we will take one for you.

  3. STORY (FREE) From the interview we will develop a nice online story that can be added to your profile online to help drive traffic to your business. This content will also be farmed out to media, enticing stories if possible along as being used in marketing materials mentioning your business specifically. We will also be posting a get to know your local businesses section in November and again in January which will touch on each business and be a warp write up.

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS (FREE) Posting your video, interview, photos and all things about your business.

We will strive our hardest to get this out to as many places as possible!

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