CBIA Proposed Bylaw Changes

---- UPDATE Resolutuon to adopt the bylaws was passed at our January 25th AGM meeting, click here to download final bylaws -----

Please find the minor proposed bylaws adjustments below as they haven't been updated since 2009 (9 years). We have also attached the current bylaws with adjustments for you to download and review as you require. If you wish a printed copy we would happily send that out to you, please let us know (info@visitchemainus.ca or 250-216-4239).


  1. Clarified BIA board applicability in 6 (A – i):

  • Change the statement to read “6 to 11 current BIA Members to be elected by the Members at an Annual General Meeting and;.”

2. Resolved requirement for ex-officio position (A - ii)

  • Added sub section a to read; ” 1 to 2 ex-officio members to be elected at an Annual General Meeting.”

3. Added re-appointment parameters in in 6 (B) of which had previously eluded to consecutive terms without end:

  • “Re-appointment may be allowed for up to 3 consecutive terms (6 years) before a rest of 31 days must be taken before re-applying.”

4. Resolved board membership eligibility in 6 (f):

  • Clarified board members must be an existing BIA member with the removal of the text “or be nominated by the BIA”

  • Added limitations on board membership; “Should the business cease to be within the taxation areas, the position must be vacated immediately.”

  • Additional ex-officio clarification has been identified: “Ex-officio positions may only include a not-for-profit, charity, or group organization within the BIA boundaries”

5. Added stipulations in 6 (M – g)

  • Addition of sub section (g) stating: “ceasing to be in operation within the taxation areas”

6. Clarification on title of board coordinator 7 (8-A) to read as follows:

“The Board of Management may at it's discretion hire or contract a Coordinator and prescribe the title and duties of this position.”

7. Adjustment of section 11 (A) to clarify the addition of one additional signer to read as follows:

“Four (4) persons shall have signing authority for the B.I.A.: the Chair, the Treasurer, and the Vice-Chair, and one additional signer (selected on the recommendation of the executive board).”

The above adjustments are the exact verbiage changes we wish to amend. Please feel free to browse at your leisure as we will call for a vote to adopt amended bylaws at the AGM on January 25, 2018 from 5:30-6:30 pm at the Seniors Centre. Should you wish to amend any of these changes, please contact us before hand at 250-216-4239 or info@visitchemainus.ca. If you are a member within our catchment please be present at the AGM to ensure you vote to reject, amend or pass the updates as listed above is accounted for. We always welcom questions should you have any at any time.