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important programs for Chemainus business improvement association stakeholders

Our campaign initiatives and events appeal to our target markets as we strive to gain visibility and increase foot traffic in Chemainus. 


Goals & Objectives

We have compiled a list of driving goals and objectives which we assess initiatives against. These are essential as we want to ensure that each campaign or event is on strategy.


In town or within five-minute drive

Goal: Entice locals to purchase, engage and interact frequently (change in habitual actions)

  1. Increase residential traffic back into town (sustained traffic) residential focused businesses & services.

  2. Enhance the image of the area strengthening a sense of pride – giving owners and patrons and overall feeling of revitalization.

  3. Interaction/action from residents – see more residents attend events, taking advantage of specials, etc.

  4. Economic Development, B2B spending, and partnerships - see businesses moving into the neighborhood, an upswing in home sales, business to business purchasing along with leveraged relationships.



On-Island Locals 

5-30 minute drive time (Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, Cowichan Bay, Duncan, Crofton, Ladysmith, Cedar, South Nanaimo)

Goal: Showcase offering re-appealing to Island market.

  1. Increase local traffic in town sustained traffic - "off-season/shoulder" months consider a secondary market.

  2. Create a regional identity - showcase offerings & re-enforce branding.

  3. Generate word of mouth - locals will bring family and friends as a destination, services not used by residents will be reinforced with additional traffic.



General tourists from multiple locations
(Van. Island 1hr +, Provincial, USA, Asia, Europe, etc.)

Goal: Maintain existing perceptions, presence and traffic.

  1. Maintain/increase traffic in the summer season to support habitual peak season traffic/purchases.

  2. Increase transient market exposure for members – by offering members discounted advertising through our co-op program, exposure to new markets will help draw in geographically and demographically segmented markets based on appeal.

  3. Increase community support for the off-season tourism industry.

Below you will find a list of initiatives and events starting with the most recent. Each project we complete is heavily discussed, thought out and considered each and every time. After events, metrics are discussed with the board and any other members wishing to participate. Notes are compiled with suggestions and feedback. We refer to these when planning our next initiatives and events. This ensures our projects and programs continue to improve.

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