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how our board functions and who is making the decisions

Financial Planning

We believe in complete transparency, that is why we are happy to make financials available to you at any point.


Fiscal Period

Our fiscal was formed from the time of initial registration of the BIA (September 1) and has not been ratified to conform to the typical calendar year. This means our fiscal runs September 1st to Aug 31st and funding is always shown as being four months ahead of the fiscal.


Accounts Payable/Receivable

Please contact:



Grant-In-Aid Requests

Smalls grants for organizations with big dreams; available to local organizations for community initiatives and events.

*Please note grant application must be received in our budgeting process for consideration before July 1st of each year to allow ample time for the board to identify funds with the next years fiscal and discuss as required unless noted. This is a required for all re-occurring annual grants.


Financial Statements



  • For a copy of past or working budgets please feel free to contact us as we are happy to provide this at any point.

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