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our comprehensive program that allows you to share the cost of advertising

Co-Op Program Specifics and Examples

This program has been developed to help you advertise for far less than it would initially cost you. This helps to increase your foot traffic while showcasing the town as a whole. As a member of this program, you sign zero contracts and make zero commitments. You pay zero fees other than the discounted advertising space and you simply participate only when you want.


How is this possible?

By co-opting an ad with the CBIA we pay for a percentage of the cost, as do you and any fellow member(s) who wish to advertise.


How does it work?

Anytime we have an opportunity available, we will notify you here or online in your member area. If you choose to participate, you can select what you prefer to participate in, the space and the cost. It is a first come, first serve basis and timelines may be short notice, depending on the opportunities presented.


Is there a profit to the CBIA?

None. As a bonus, the CBIA spends less money on advertising, furthering your member marketing funds.


How does this benefit my business?

By using our brand and attaching yours, we can help with recognition while allowing you the opportunity to advertise more often and in publications that may have previously been financially out of reach.

  1. Your business becomes a main focus of an ad going directly to your target market. This gains attention, helping to generate foot traffic and sales for you.

  2. The CBIA brand becomes stronger as a community and we continue to showcase all of the wonderful offerings Chemainus has. This, in turn, generates recognition and further prosperity for the entire town.




Current Opportunities

The following is a list of the opportunities that you are able to take advantage of and apply for our co-op program deals.



There are no current opportunities. 

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