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Board Meetings

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. If you would like to speak to the Board or would like to attend a specific meeting please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate. We will also have a variety of committee meetings for different initiatives and campaigns. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email:


At the meeting all Board Members are expected plus all others who are required meet to discuss the general goings of the BIA. From small issues that affect the Board to larger broader reaching community ones, we ensure all is discussed. The following Meeting Minutes have been uploaded for you. Should you wish to present to the Board, please contact us so that we can fit you into our next meetings schedule.  


Items of Note

  • The BIA is the only organization marketing the town as a whole, we do not control parking, garbage pickup or any other municipal action item.

  • The Board has turned over (all positions including Chair and Vice-Chair) and new Board Members were voted in during the January AGM.

  • A substantial change in target market direction has happened, segmenting into three main focus categories: transient, local – on the island, and resident. This strategy and planning drive our marketing plan.

  • Many exterior marketing initiatives and events are planned/in progress, offering a different level of outward marketing then we have seen before.

  • A refocused look at generating traffic for both goods and service-based business is aimed at residents.

  • Additional member communication and interactivity is in the process ensuring complete transparency and initiative/financial knowledge available to all at all times. This includes a fully functional initiative listing visible to all members.

  • A comprehensive co-op program has been developed for members to advertise at a discounted rate and includes online, social, billboard, print and sponsorship.

  • For inquiries on any of these items of note please email

Board Meeting Minutes 

Below you will find the Meeting Minutes

in PDF form from the past meetings:​​

* For 2017 - 2021 please contact us at and we would be happy to provide you with minutes as we have archived these to maintain speed and efficiencies on our website.


AGM Meeting Info

Our AGM was held on June 15, 2023. Thank you to all stakeholders who attended, here is our AGM package including approved notes from last year.

For past AGM meeting minutes, please email:

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