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how our board functions and who is making the decisions

Governance + Procedures

The Board of Directors of the Chemainus Business Improvement Association has been bequeathed with the authority and responsibility to direct the association on behalf of the members. 


The CBIA Board holds twelve members, plus one* ex-officio (non-voting) seat occupied by the hired BIA Director.

*A proposed amendment to the bylaw stands to add an addition of two ex-officio seats for not-for-profit community members ineligible for a voting seat but with key organizations within the CBIA membership bounds. 


The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the vision, goals, and objectives of the organization

  • Developing annual strategic direction

  • Identifying specific direction on generalized tasks

  • Staff direction and implementation

  • Liaising with Municipality on advocacy issues

  • Drafting the annual BIA budget and implementation

  • Acting as a resource for community information


The CBIA employs a business and marketing professional, the Executive Director, to drive the daily activity direction. This person is hired at the discretion of the board. It also does rely heavily on volunteers, board members and community partners to aid in the planning and execution of events. We also pride ourselves on being a teaching organization, and openly welcome students when possible to interact and work with the CBIA.


Current Bylaws

To obtain a copy of the current bylaws (updated & adopted in 2018) which are to this day in good standing and upheld, please click here. They are currently in the process of being amended to be in compliance with changes to the societies act and Municiaplty of North Cowichan Bylaws which also govern the society. 


Funding Structure

Funding for BIAs comes primarily from a levy on all non-residential property within the boundary of the BIA. Before a levy can be established, four basic prerequisites must be met.

They are:

  1. There must be a fully designated Business Improvement Area

  2. A non-trading corporation must be established

  3. The Board of Directors of the corporation must submit a proposed budget to the Municipal Council

  4. The Municipal Council must approve the budget

All of the procedures that must be followed by the BIA Corporation with respect to its budget and approvals is set forth in the BIA Act. The Act also outlines the procedure that must be used by the Municipal Council as it adopts its by-law imposing the levy.


Voting Weights

Votes are weighted and account for per property lot segmentation as opposed to per lessee. Example if a building is owned on one lot but segmented into three, the standing vote accrues for one only - not three. Therefore technically the building lessee is responsible for casting the vote unless the business has a proxy capability to cast a vote on behalf of the business owner.​


Taxation Term & Municipal Bylaw (2024-2026)

Municipality of North Cowichan has renewed the CBIA for an additional three-year term, extending until 2026. This renewal, part of the adoption of the Chemainus Business Improvement Area Bylaw No. 3931, was approved during the North Cowichan Council meeting on February 21, 2024. Bylaw can be accessed here


The next taxation term will be re-voted in February, 2026.


Sitting Board of Directors

Nuria Sanchez | Vintiquity


Contact Here

Julie Stevenson | Maple Lane Cafe

Vice President

Annette Brama | Island Pastry Haus


Heather Geddie | Calypso Jewelry Design


Lulu Vegh | Chemainus Health Food Store


Ward Yegar Christmas | Candy Store


Christina Kemp | A Cottage & Castle B&B


Zachary Hobden | The Best Western Plus


Kathy Wachs | CVCAS

Ex-officio | Not-for-profit

Michelle Vogelgesang | Chemainus Theatre

Ex-officio | Not-for-profit

Melody Smythies – Chamber of Commerce

Ex-officio | Not-for-profit

Krystal Adams – CBIA Executive Director

Ex-officio | Employee

Contact Here

Cara Falcone – CBIA Student Coordinator

Ex-officio | Employee

Contact Here

Director Application 

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