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need help marketing your events or have something else in mind?


Small grants for organizations and businesses with big dreams; available for community marketing initiatives, support, and events. Grant-in-aids are awarded for those who need funding to expand their reach to attract visitors and residents into the CBIA membership area. Funds are allotted in June for our next fiscal year (September - August). Funds are limited and not earmarked on previous funding given.


Process of Approval

The Board of Directors of the Chemainus Business Improvement Association will review each application and assess at the subsequent board meeting, therefore please allow adequate time to circulate, discuss and vote before requesting an answer. Approvals, changes, alternate offerings or denials will be given in writing to the applicant.



Response Time

Typical response time is 30 days from submission. 

If you would like to discuss or do not hear from us by that timeframe, please contact us

SECTION 1: Contact Information

SECTION 2: General Organization Information

Type of Organization

SECTION 3: Grant Request

What is this request for?
Classification of Request
Purpose of Grant (select all that apply)
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By signing below and submitting this form, you agree to our terms that state:
1) Should an approved grant be used for any purpose other than what has been indicated on this application, funds will be returned in full unless otherwise discussed and authorized by the CBIA. 2) if funds end up not being required, or disbursement not fully used; any remaining funding amount will be returned to the Chemainus BIA within 60 days of the project completion or by the first of the new year - which ever comes first.
This agreement once signed is legal and binding in the Province of British Columbia.


You will receive a reply in 30 days

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