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Chemainus Business Improvement Association

We are here to showcase the towns vibrancy in tourism mandates to ensure revenue generating for local business owners, educate & inform them, provide beautification projects, and to advocate on business community's behalf. 

Our economy relies heavily on tourists visiting and spending in the stores which local residents rely upon for their income. The prosperity of these businesses enable these residents to stay in the town and be fruitful. Without the BIA these out reaching media initiatives are not taken on the town's behalf. The town would not be advertised both locally and internationally and the town tourism numbers would be lower than they are now. If this was to happen there is potential that some business (which residents who are non-business owners would rely upon) would not be able to sustain, and would then close its doors. Again this is not all as result of the BIA but instead the driving force behind what the BIA wishes to accomplish.


Board Members

We take pride in our board members who represent varying types of businesses from different areas within the town. As per our bylaws, board members are elected and are currently to be connected to a business residing in Chemainus BIA taxation boundaries.



Here to promote business + services within our districts, provide support and knowledge for our members, act as a resource and town advocate, plus take on beautification initiatives.

Our revised directive is all about highlighting our members.



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Working with the tourism sector and regional marketing operators for BC:

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