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Winter Clothing Gifts


Enticing surrounding communities and island travellers



A campaign to entice residents and island locals to shop locally, attend a community event to explore the town, and see value in local goods offered for the Holidays and year round. 


Registration: October 28, 20203

SIP & SHOP (Replacing Moonlight Madness)

Seamlessly merging the sales of Moonlight Madness and the charm of the Christmas Market. By positioning this in the evening and adding in the sip component, it promises to be a substantial crowd.  


Sip and Shop features business discounts like Moonlight to our local brick and mortar businesses, plus the draw of traditional outdoor/craft market vendors, with local libations vendors. Combine this with the wine/spirits/beer garden, live music, charity s’mores, and firepit, its going to be a exciting!


YOUR ROLE: Exactly like moonlight madness we ask that you stay open. That is the most important thing! We then suggest offering discounts, specials, or sales as you have in the past for Moonlight Madness, to enhance traffic into your business during this event.  


We will be closing down Willow street to house the outside night market, burn barrels, and music, which keeps foot traffic moving. Any business outside of Willow who wants to participate we will happily find you space for a pop-up shop, a market space, or anything else you may have in mind!

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Passport initiative identical to last year Nov 18 - Dec 20;        

      • Customers spend $10 or more per transaction they receive a stamp        

      • 5 stamps enter to WIN a $250 gift card for Chemainus BIA businesses        

      • Card is a folded over business card size and includes your business name      

      • Advertising will showcase your name as well

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Showcase your store in a daily December calendar promoted by the CBIA This will be displayed online, through a wrap, and in the paper weekly.

        • Select a week and choose your product to be displayed, we do the rest

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