Coffee Talks with Tourism Cowichan

Join the Tourism Cowichan team for a 30 minute Coffee Talk where you can learn how you can leverage the media, social media and marketing opportunities we offer you as a stakeholder. The first 15 minutes of the talk you get to tell us who you are and let us know what you need for your business. The second 15 minutes we will share with you how we can help you. Meg will talk about how you can leverage our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote your business. Miranda will let you know how you can be part of our Visitor’s Guide, and website. Karen will be taking notes and turning your information into a short engaging write-up that she will be sharing with the team so we can all do a better job of sharing your story with the world. Whether you are in need of a video, print media, or a bigger presence online we can share with you opportunities on how to do that for free or for a cost, depending on what level you want to invest in. Tourism Cowichan subsidizes your investment regardless of how much you spend, so we will be able to let you know how you can work with us to increase eyes on your business. Book your 30 minute session today, it’s a first come, first serve basis, so don’t delay!

When: Tuesday, January 23rd from 9 am to 1 pm - Slots are 1/2 hour each. Each 30 minute session will be dedicated to one stakeholder (you can bring one or more representatives should you choose). Please select a time of your choosing with an alternate so that we are able to book the best available spot.

Where: Best Western Plus, Chemainus

Contact: Email to book your spot