CBIA Renewed for Another 3-Year Term

PRESS RELEASE Chemainus, BC – At a North Cowichan Council meeting on May 9, 2018, the bylaw to re-adopt the bylaws supporting the Chemainus Business Improvement Association (CBIA) for the next three years was passed. The CBIA became an officially recognized organization in 2008, but has been unofficially serving the community since the early 1990’s. Today, the CBIA serves the Uptown, Downtown, Midtown and Old Town districts within Chemainus through taxation support and additional grant funding. As a dedicated marketing, event, and education body, the CBIA supports continued exposure for Chemainus and district businesses while also functioning as a beautification service for the area.

An application to re-adopt the taxation bylaw for Chemainus businesses was submitted to the Municipality of North Cowichan in early March. The bylaws, which include the boundaries, terms, and rates, were again set by the CBIA to stay consistent with the previous three-year term. After the first reading by Council was passed, property owners were given notification and allowed the opportunity to petition the re-adoption of the taxation bylaws with the option to speak at the re-adoption meeting.

At the May 9, 2018 meeting, the Council had no petitioning speakers, therefore quickly voted to re-adopt the taxation bylaws based on the low response to the petition. Sitting just at 6.4% of the land holdings (9 of the 142 taxation parcels which compromised 6.8% of the total vote), the numbers were so low that no challenge was made to the re-adoption process, making this one of the highest approval ratings the CBIA has received. “I think this speaks volumes of our work these past three years and that businesses are seeing not only the benefits, but the outreach, advocacy, and education we are providing,” says Krystal Adams, Executive Director of the CBIA. “We are a truly active business association ready and willing to not only craft significant campaigns and events based on our members needs, or kick up some dust about what is important, but we also take the time to sit with businesses on a one-to-one basis and coach them, giving professional industry knowledge at no additional cost.” While this may not be big news for residents, businesses are excited for the return of support and are looking forward to continued work with the organization. “I am thrilled that the CBIA has been renewed for a new term,” said Amy Hughes, Bound to be Different owner located in the Uptown district. “I’m excited to be involved with more town-wide initiatives and look forward to seeing more beautification projects come to fruition.”

The CBIA’s passion and focus not only shines through their programs but also in the continued vision and outlook strategy as set by their directors, a board comprised of eleven local business owners. “Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to see the success of a long-term strategy well executed,” says Chris Istace, President of the CBIA. “The ability for the CBIA to execute another three years in Chemainus while collaborating with fellow community organizations means the future has never looked brighter.” With a change in CBIA society bylaws this past January, they included additional spaces for a few non-voting seats. This was done so that more of the not-for profit groups in the area can be involved in the discussion from a board level ensuring further community alignment.

With an aggressive marketing and alignment plan, the CBIA is adamant that the work is not only centered on typical CBIA initiatives, but with internal community involvement and outreach, a continued priority for the organization. “This is key to the success of Chemainus broadening our reach and strengthening our support for one another,” Adams noted. In the fall of 2017, the CBIA formed an outreach group called the Chemainus Communications Committee to collectively bring together influential bodies within the town. Meeting quarterly, eighteen groups come together to discuss what is happening next for their organization, how they can work together, challenges they are facing and to address key issues impacting the town as a whole. Most recently, this communications group held a meeting open to all businesses and groups, inviting North Cowichan’s Mayor, CAO, community planner and three others to discuss and clarify revitalization, present challenges, and questions of amalgamation.

Needless to say, the CBIA is not only a business asset but also a valued community partner who is dedicated to progress.


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Please find the official press release including the council agenda and minutes in accordance with the approval.