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WiffleGames offers a truly unique experience: Nostalgia

When Shawn Orza and his wife, Taryn learned they were expecting a baby in 2017, the rush was on. “I needed to open my store before my daughter was born in fear that this dream of mine may not become reality,” says Shawn, owner of WiffleGames on Willow St.

After being gifted an old Nintendo console in 2013, Shawn’s passion was ignited and he began to build his collection of retro video games. Beginning as a business on his kitchen table, his collection grew each year, and expanded to include records, comic books & vintage toys from the 1980s.

With an exciting and fast-approaching deadline to open his store, Shawn spent his days working full time at his construction job and spent nights and weekends building his store, renovating every square inch. His daughter, Aurora (Rory) was born April 2018 and he made his first transaction at his store in May 2018, impressively, just one month off his goal.

“I can’t thank my wife enough for being as strong and independent as she was during that time,” praises Shawn. “I absolutely wouldn't be where I am today without my family.”

A young, successful entrepreneur, Shawn’s passion is contagious. “The response from the community has been outstanding,” raves Shawn. And the positive reviews keep rolling in. Just 10 months after opening, WiffleGames is already known for their remarkable customer service, atmosphere and expertise in all aspects of collecting. “I want people to know that when they come to WiffleGames they can be confident in their purchases, we are knowledgeable and honest collectors.”

While offering a variety of genuine and authentic products at competitive prices, WiffleGames also offers a truly unique and special experience: Nostalgia. “Every time we reconnect someone with a piece of their childhood it’s a great feeling,” says Shawn.

It’s clear that Shawn has extraordinary family support. In his minimal spare time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his “beautiful and supporting wife Taryn”, and his “beautiful, hilarious 11-month old daughter Aurora (Rory).” They are looking forward to taking some well-deserved time off and going camping together this year.

What are Shawn’s future plans? “Having a couple locations would be ideal! I would love to work towards opening another larger location to showcase more Pinball & Arcade Machines while offering a larger variety of everything that I love.”

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