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CBIA Renewed for 3 Year Term


The CBIA Continues Its Commitment to Enhancing Chemainus

Chemainus, BC – The Chemainus Business Improvement Association (CBIA) is delighted to announce that they have been renewed by the Municipality of North Cowichan for an additional three-year term, extending until 2026. This renewal, part of the adoption of the Chemainus Business Improvement Area Bylaw No. 3931, 2023, was approved during the North Cowichan Council meeting on February 21, 2024.


"The support for the renewal of our association underscores the vital role that the CBIA plays in our town," said Krystal Adams, Executive Director of the CBIA. "We are committed to enhancing the landscape of this amazing town by directly supporting our local business community and collaborating with other local organizations for the betterment of Chemainus for years to come."


The CBIA is mandated to support local businesses through foot traffic generation, education, beautification projects, and advocacy while also taking on the extra task of showcasing the vibrancy of the town and fostering tourism mandates. “Many people don’t realize it’s us driving much of the promotions they take part in, the branding they see, the events that we do around town, and even the advocacy that goes on behind closed doors,” said Adams. Beyond their core directives, the CBIA serves as a multifaceted engine driving the town forward in areas outside of their mandate. They actively market and manage the town's tourism presence by operating websites and social media platforms, capturing the essence of Chemainus through photography, and creating compelling tourism campaigns and promotions.


Additionally, they represent the town’s brand visually with highway billboards and banners, maps, signage, visitor guides, and a bevy of other branded items. They work with local Destination Marketing Offices and Provincial marketing groups to ensure Chemainus is involved in conversations and the town is well represented. They operate the tourism side under the name Visit Chemainus, a separate branch aside from the CBIA but run under the same board of directors’ guidance with the openness to include any business in Chemainus regardless if they are a member of the CBIA or not. Regardless of which hat the CBIA board is wearing, Adams notes, “we don’t do this to get our organization’s name out there, but more to bring attention to Chemainus and its local businesses and services and to drive people into exploring this beautiful town we call home.”


Representing the majority of the town’s local small businesses, the CBIA utilizes a taxation levy to fund a variety of initiatives throughout the year. Remarkably, the CBIA hasn't changed their levies in nine years, yet they consistently make significant strides annually with those funds stretching every dollar they can. When compared to other BIAs, the scope the CBIA can accomplish on such a shoestring budget is extensive. “We are fortunate to have an Executive Director leading the ship who is a jack of all trades,” said Nuria Sanchez, CBIA Chair and owner of Vintiquity. “Krystal is well versed in building websites, crafting branding/graphic design, providing insightful business support, presenting in front of counselors and groups, and understands the full scope of marketing and events including all the nuances to execute them.”


Alongside the Executive Director, the board is comprised of ten directors with an active voice in the board's direction. “I take pride working alongside our directors, who are comprised of very talented, local business owners that are passionate about making Chemainus the best it can be,” said Sanchez. “Our board couldn’t be more delighted with the CBIA being officially renewed until 2026. This will foster in important initiatives in the years to come, and our team is ready to take on the task of bringing these to fruition.” Board members are elected for a two-year term, are open to any business owner, and must be connected to a business in good standing within the CBIA taxation boundary.


Collaborating closely with the municipality, the CBIA tackles pertinent issues and implements forward-thinking strategies and actions that matter to the businesses. One of the few they are actively working on is creating an emergency fund and working towards a façade upgrade proposal within the coming year. They offer grants to individuals, businesses, and organizations that create events contributing to increasing traffic and footfall numbers. Moreover, the association fosters partnerships with key organizations in town, amplifying its impact through collective action.


From advocating for issues of significance to providing business education and consulting services, producing branded items, conducting visitor outreach campaigns, and conceptualizing/executing small and large-scale events, the CBIA is instrumental in invigorating the community and elevating Chemainus as a destination. “We are just one piece of this beautiful multi-faceted community which has so much to offer,” said Adams. “We are proud to be one of the many passionate groups working towards the success of Chemainus both now and in the long term.” Through its comprehensive approach, the CBIA remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a thriving and resilient economy in Chemainus, and this three-year approval allows them to continue their work.


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