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Position Type: Student Job (Summer), with option to continue part-time (Fall, Spring and Winter)

About the Student Environment:

Our core principle is prioritizing education. We recognize the importance of allowing time off for studying, exams, holidays, and recuperation from burnout. We acknowledge the unpredictable nature of student life, understanding that schedules may not always align perfectly, and that illness can necessitate downtime.

At the heart of our approach is transparent communication and open feedback. We view students as learners, understanding that nobody has all the answers, and we are committed to guiding you while also empowering you to discover solutions independently. Mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth and a learning experience. Drawing from our own experiences as former students, we endeavor to create a supportive and respectful environment. We value your input as our goal is to provide the kind of nurturing and enriching experience that we ourselves would have appreciated during our academic journeys.



Work Hours/Dates:

SUMMER: Flexible, 20-40 hours as your availability starting in April until the end of August**.

** If you would like to stay on after summer (based on grants we apply for and assuming you are a fit) FALL, WINTER, SPRING your choice of 10-20 hours per week (school takes priority, breaks given for exams and major projects).


Work Environment: Primarily Remote / Some travel into Chemainus Primarily (90%) remote-based with access to a stable internet connection, computer, cell phone, and transportation for trips into town for special projects/tasks required. Flexible schedule and ability to hone in on skills you wish to learn.


Job Description:

The Coordinator for the Chemainus Business Improvement Association (CBIA) is responsible for managing daily tasks, supplementary activities, and seasonal projects to support the organization's mission and enhance the business community. The role involves a combination of administrative duties, grant application management, involvement in beautification projects, social media and website management (we train you) and assisting in any other projects where needed.


Daily Tasks:

  • Email Management: Check and respond to emails promptly to ensure effective communication with stakeholders and community members.

  • Grant Application Work: Work on current grant applications, ensuring timely and accurate submission.

  • Business Outreach: Make calls to businesses to discuss upcoming campaigns and foster collaboration.

  • Vendor Communication:Follow up with vendors, such as Mark @ Marks Instant Sign Shop, regarding current printing needs.

  • Administrative Support:

  • Handle various administrative tasks as required to maintain efficient office operations.

  • Beautification Projects:

  • Assist in managing beautification projects, including tasks like coordinating hanging flower baskets and window paintings.

  • Social Media Management:

  • Stay updated on current social media trends and incorporate relevant strategies into the organization's online presence and post relevant content to social media channels.

Supplementary Tasks:

  • Grant Research: Continuously search for potential grants to support the organization's initiatives.

  • Campaign Idea Research: Explore and research new campaign ideas to enhance community engagement.

As Needed:

  • Event Planning/Execution: Plan and execute events to promote community involvement and support local businesses.

  • Invoicing and Statements: Create and send out invoices or statements, ensuring timely and accurate financial transactions.


What you should possess

This position requires a proactive individual with strong organizational, communication, and multitasking skills, as well as have the ability to work autonomously and would be dedicated to fostering a vibrant and thriving business community in Chemainus.


  • Has access to a computer and quiet space to perform key duties.

  • Must be a Canadian student registered with a post-secondary institution (Grants which fund this position dictate this).

  • Has access to a cell phone or home phone.

  • Strong communicator.

  • Excellent collaboration skills.

  • Access to transportation and is able to travel occasionally to Chemainus as needed 5-10+ times over the summer.

  • Strong organizational skills and detail oriented.

  • Able to work independently, unsupervised and stay on task.

  • Highly motivated self-starter who takes initiative with minimal supervision.

  • Active and well-rounded knowledge of social media.

  • Outgoing and able to speak to stakeholders easily.

  • Is willing to learn and grow on the job.

Specific Standout Skills (not required, but an asset):

  • Beginner knowledge of WordPress and WIX, with the ability to manage web content and troubleshoot minor issues.

  • Beginner knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Mailchimp, Illustrator, and Acrobat.

  • Beginner knowledge of the MS Office suite, including Excel and Word.

  • Beginner knowledge of Meta Suite.

  • Knowledge of not-for-profits, charities, or communities


To Apply

Position will be live until filled.

Please supply resume to

PLEASE NOTE: This student job, is based on attained grants and can be removed or unfilled at any time should we not receive the grant or the board decides to discontinue the position.

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