Chemainus Wayfinding Signage Plan

We are excited to announce the CHEMAINUS WAYFINDING SIGN PLAN was moved, seconded and carried at the October 4th North Cowichan Council Meeting. This means that Chemainus will have some branded signs developed to better move tourists through town and direct them to municipally defined areas, key points of interest and parking around the community.


Back in May, we were asked to participate in a two-day walking tour of Chemainus to ensure directions were correct based on signage plans drafted by the Muni. We identified issues such as highlighting important items (parks, etc.), ensuring parking directions/areas were correct, food traffic signs were visible and a change in key signage locations. These comments were simply a guide to adjust the muni's already diverse plan. We did also ask to define and highlight different districts (including those outside of BIA boundaries) which were outside of their purview. But with what was proposed to council, we are confident movement throughout town will improve.


Council has directed staff to implement the wayfinding signage plan by arranging for the manufacture and installation of the signs. There is still a procurement process which needs to take place and some final details which need to be ironed out for sign content. The Muni hopes to have these quickly take shape within the early part of the new year.


Attached are meeting minutes, the proposal and the plan which went to Council for approval.


We did not receive a final review of the signage planned before presented to Council, so we can not yet able to confirm each individual signs accuracy. We will, however, review now and follow up with any discrepancies we identify. Please also note, they mention the Chemainus swipe logo as BIA. As previously identified, the CBIA board has developed a separate CBIA logo so that the Chemainus swipe can be used as it was meant and agreed upon - to represent the town as a whole.

UPDATE: As of January 8th 2018, we have been given an update that the procurement policies at the Municipal level have changed slightly causing a minor delay. With this delay, the expected date of signage install has now moved from the end of January to the spring with no defined date. We will continue to monitor and follow up on the progress of the project and keep you updated here on this page.