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Bound To Be Different

Bound to Be Different lives up to its name and does not disappoint. If the brightly coloured T-Rex heads out front don't tell you to expect something different, then nothing will prepare you for the amazing experience this store has to offer. Inside, you can find everything from a wondrous line of soft bamboo clothing to mismatched socks, local hand-crafted scrap metal sculptures, nautical themed housewares, delightfully devious greeting cards, beautiful jewelry and everything in between; the selection is unsurpassed. They even carry some more unusual items like beard trimming aprons, ceramic monsters and ornate hardware pieces displayed like jewelry in a glass topped case.

This burgeoning business is sweet, charming, and full of life – much like its owner, Amy Hughes. “We even have flamingo umbrellas”, Amy notes having hand selected them like she does for every item in the store. There are hundreds of items in this shop, which magically appears twice as large once you step inside. Uncluttered and clean, everything has its place and is sometimes one of a kind. Ever changing and evolving with new products, the store morphs with each season, bringing with it the reds and golds of fall, fresh greens of spring, and wondrous whites and creams of winter.

But none of that compares with the changes they make every January. Amy feels that every new year the store presents a blank canvas needing to be true to its name – different. With a vision driven by this dynamic powerhouse of creativity, Amy ensures the store undergoes a complete transformation from top to bottom. Nothing is untouched; changing wall colours, renovated spaces, shelving, displays, and a fresh injection of wonderful new products are just a taste of what you will see. The shop morphs into a better version of itself – as if it could have been any better before. Well, unbelievably it is. Having gotten a sneak peek before the Grand Re-Opening on February 9, 2018 we can confidently say that you will be impressed. “Everyone should come to our soiree on Friday from 4-8pm. The store has an entirely new look.” When we ask what she is looking forward to most this year, she answers, “We have missed our customers.” She has a history with the customers of Bound To Be Different and has grown more and more attached to them throughout the years.

Morgan and Dawn were the original owners of the store on Chemainus Road, paving the way for what it is today. Filling it with unique curiosities and a mix of eclectic items, the store truly began to take shape in the community. But after three years they wanted to take a step back and devote their time to what is now La Petite Auction House. As a dedicated employee who embodied the atmosphere they were trying to create, Amy was a natural choice to take over. Amy was absolutely thrilled to be presented with the opportunity to purchase the business, but there was a hitch. Well, two to be exact; something every new business owner faces. Financing was the first hurdle to be crossed, before the largest dilemma of all needed to be weighed. It was going to mean a change in commitment to her family, including her then six-month-old little boy. It was a difficult struggle, but surrounded by friends and encouraged by the support of her loving husband and family, she just couldn't pass up the opportunity that she had previously only dreamed of. Three years later, nobody could have imagined the brilliant things that are happening to Bound To Be Different and what she has brought to the business.

When Amy is not chasing her rambunctious son, she is hand-printing bags, delicately writing tags, hunting for products, and dreaming up ways these treasure will look in her store. She dedicates her all to this business and we can't thank her enough. In fact many do, judging by the rave reviews on Facebook and the comments of absolute adoration you hear throughout the town. Many even refer to her as “the very lovely lady with the wonderful English accent”, which rings true. She eludes an infectious welcoming energy that makes you know your experience will be something special every time you see her. And her team follows suit, bringing with them the same wonderful experience. She notes that her staff really are amazing and she wouldn't be able to be the success and attentive mother she is today without them. With such wonderful encounters, this store does not miss a beat. Shopping here is a relaxing one-to-one experience. Every customer is a friend the moment they walk though the door. Whether it is your first time in the store or you are a long-time customer, your breath will be taken away with the whole experience. And soon, you to will be sporting a telltale hand-printed kraft bag with something unimaginably lovely inside.


Bound To Be Different


9736 Chemainus Rd.

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