Top 10 Ways to Increase your Facebook Page Likes

Define your target market, age, gender and geographical location. When posting and communicating with them you should:

• speak like them

• think like them

• act like them

1. Post regularly (4 – 8 times per week). If you want people to invest in your page, you need to establish a regular pattern of posting interesting and relevant content.

2. Use captivating images in your posts.

3. Engage (comment and like) with other pages in your niche and in your community. Leave thoughtful comments in response to people’s posts. Make sure you’re commenting and liking as your business page rather than from your personal profile.

4. Contests are a great way to entice people to like and engage with your posts. For example: “Tag a friend who deserves a night on the town and they might win 2 tickets to ….” or simply make liking your page a contest requirement.

5. Offer an exclusive discount just for your Facebook fans.

6. Tag other business pages in your posts. When you tag other pages, your posts appear on their wall and may spark the interest of those pages’ owners and fans.

7. Send an email inviting your email contacts to like your FB page.

8. Add a link to your FB page in your email signature to let your connections know about another way they can connect with you.

9. Put your Facebook page link on all your marketing materials: business cards, brochures, signage, print ads and website.

10. Offer flash freebies on your page. (ie: “The first 5 people to message me will receive a $20 gift card”).