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Bee-keeping business opens storefront in Chemainus

The owners of Fredrich’s Honey, Theo and Taylor Fredrich, have run a successful farm store in Cedar for many years. When the opportunity for a storefront in Chemainus came up, they couldn’t pass it by.

“We thought it would be a fun project with tons of potential,” says Taylor. “The locals and business owners have been so welcoming and encouraging and we hope to be a great addition to the town and local economy.”

Fredrich’s Honey was started by Theo Sr and his brother Erwin Fredrich in 1966. Theo Sr was a professional beekeeper in Germany before he and his family relocated to Canada. Theo Jr and his wife Taylor took over the business in 2009.

Sweet selection

The store in Chemainus offers honey, beeswax, beeswax candles, soaps and their most unique item, Vancouver Island bee pollen. Harvested in the summer, the bee pollen is unique in both colour and flavour. It’s always a sell out and their next harvest will begin in July 2019.

The most popular selling product in the shop is honey. Most recently the new Cinnamon Creamed Honey has been a customer favourite. They are also working on producing a line of tea.

Beekeeping challenges

The retail outlet in Chemainus is just one part of a complex operation that includes

managing 400 beehives and moving the bees each season and bloom. Beekeepers face a number of challenges with the changing climate conditions. Not to mention another significant challenge: Taylor has recently become allergic to bees after getting stung multiple times while harvesting honey in the mountains last summer!

Theo and Taylor are excited to spend time in Chemainus. “It’s been a real treat to come to Chemainus on a regular basis - especially coming from a rural environment out in Cedar,” says Taylor. Their goal is to build the business and help draw customers to town. They are also striving to establish a local base of repeat customers.

Stop into Fredrich’s Honey to welcome Taylor and Theo and shop local!

Fredrich’s Honey 9736 Chemainus Road Hours: Wed to Sun from 11am-4pm

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