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Treasures to be found at Vintiquity

All the stars aligned two years ago for Nuria Sanchez and Jon Spasoff to move to Chemainus. “It’s a lovely community—small enough to enjoy the village feel yet it has everything you need right in town. There’s also an abundance of tourists coming from near and far,” says Nuria.

Just one year ago, they opened Vintiquity in Old Town, selling everything from art glass, china, jewelry, cameras, planes, lamps and vintage toy cars. “We are purveyors of vintage and antiques, art and décor. We love researching interesting pieces that we find and like to help customers find things they have been looking for,” explains Nuria.

Unique finds

Vintiquity has many unique items: A large porthole that was used on the set of a Netflix series, Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, an Ormolu clock with Poseidon as the centre figure and a vintage wood propeller made in Canada in the 1940's. It’s clear why customers say, "I feel like I should be charged admission" and "I’m here to marvel at your items.”

July has been their busiest month so far. And they are also open on Mondays. “As tourists we used go back to North Vancouver and there were so few businesses open on Mondays. I made the decision for Vintiquity to always be open on Mondays,” explains Nuria.

Their five-year goal is to have more of the local community shop at Vintiquity for their home décor.

Nuria and Jon are appreciative of the community encouragement they’ve received. “We are coming up to our one-year anniversary on May 18th and would like to thank everyone who has been supportive.”

Check out Vintiquity today, you never know what treasures you’ll find.

9885 Maple Street Vintiquity on FB

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