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Converting facebook's visit Chemainus to on-island users

Undoubtedly when the world is released form the pandemic, a great many things will change. One of the hardest hit will be travel and tourism. There was already a downshift of tourism happening with the threat of COVID19, with the pandemic outbreak and the transmission through travel being so high alongside potentially lingering COVID19 in other countries, it will decrease that even further potentially changing the market for the better part of the next few years. Because of this we are doing a number of things to change the geographical demographic of our Facebook page, by trying appeal to a local on-island market. We are sharing local news, funny memes as a way of a positive shift enticing shares and discussion, we will be showcasing art and other major community functions. We are also going to tie this into and rely heavily on our which is a virtual town. During this crisis the tourism site will also redirect to this website again to change the appeal. Better to have eye on you that can act, as opposed to be irrelevant and therefore not thought of.

Stay tuned to see our changes, but this is just the first of many we will be initializing to swing viewers to what we believe will be a revised market base.

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