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Billboard Expression of Interest

This program has been developed to bring accessible advertising to your business. The CBIA manages three Billboards on the Highway just outside of Chemainus near the intersection at Henry Road, Fuller Lake Road and MacMillan Blodel Haul Road. These three billboards get quite a lot of visibility with thousands of cars passing daily.

How does it work?

The Henry Road billboard is retained for continual use by the CBIA as a large advertisement for the community itself. The remaining two, Fuller Lake and MacMillan, are eligible for full rental use –as long as it is not being used by the CBIA, nor has the date been previously reserved during registration.

When are these available?

Each year there are four, three month segments:

1. Winter - December, January, February

2. Spring - March, April, May

3. Summer - June, July, August,

4. Fall - September, October, November

You are able to select any period you wish registering on the date registration is open. If a billboard goes unoccupied, the current occupant may enjoy extended time on the billboard.

Where does my advertising dollars go?

Any fees associated with advertising go towards the upkeep, improvements, and maintenance of the billboard structures themselves to better serve the community.

How does the advertising work?

If you wish to pay for the entire spot and there is not other business(es) interested in doing co-op, the entire billboard is yours. If more then one person is interested in the same spot, we approach both parties to see if they wish to do a duo ad or send out for a larger scale business co-op advertisement.

Are there shorter term options?

If you have an event, opening, or a special that you would like to advertise we do have banner positions available. This is for one month periods only, and must meet certain criteria (see below, available for the boards that have individual ads only).

How do I register?

As you will see on the next page, each seasonal change will come with a registration open and close date. As it is first come first serve, simply make sure you are one of the first to respond on that open date for the seasonal space you would like. Registrations are by email, time stamped for accuracy.


These costs are 90% less then you would typically pay for billboard adverting. As a member of this program you sign zero contracts and make zero commitments past the term you decide to advertise for. The costs of printing and installation are set by a quality supplier we have contracted to do this. The costs for three full months start at $375 for a group co-op combined advertisement (not including print + install), to $1,600 for an individual non-shared ad (not including print + install).


Feel free to provide the CBIA with any art for any individual or duo ad you wish, or alternatively the CBIA can design this for you. All submitted art will be reviewed by the board to ensure these are not offensive or inappropriate in any way.

Registration Dates

As it is a first come first serve basis, please register as soon as registration opens to request a spot. Please email


Winter December, January, February Open Nov 1 / Close Nov 5 9 AM November 10

Spring March, April, May Open Feb 1 / Close Feb 5 9 AM February 10

Summer June, July, August Open May 1 / Close May 5 9 AM May 10

Fall September, October, November Open Aug 1 / Close Aug 5 9 AM August 10

Please note dates may change, and as per a decision passed in September 2020, we will be prioritize destination luring businesses over others. The idea is that by creating a lure appeal we can sell the towns many other qualities.

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