Cowichan Coast - A New Appeal

This is an exciting new campaign to showcase Chemainus with a different appeal. This summer and into the fall we wanted to do something a little different to appeal to tourists.

The question was two fold;

1. What do we offer that make us different than all of Cowichan and the island?

2. How do we keep people in town for more than a drive by or quick stop?

The solution was to showcase something we never have but was always here, the fact we were a coastal town. Cowichan Valley is so unique, but within that, we are a part of this wonderful string of Coastal towns. That was the excitement, the new appeal we were looking for. So we set off, partnered with Ladysmith and included the smaller communities surrounding us (Crofton and Saltair) and set out to push forward as a Coastal Experience. We had ads in Boulevard Magazine, Island Traveller, Island Parent, Valley Voice, and many other applications. We are running a radio campaigns and we have a complementing online campaign engaging our target market, plus strategically appealing to those outside of our usual area. There is and allure to the coast, there is excitement about it and tieing all of the towns together entices an overnight stay sure to bring people in for the many areas - shopping, meals, and hotel rooms should surely benefit. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of the campaign and the reactions we have been getting.

Below you will find a number of ads etc that we have done over July, August, and September, which will continue to November 1st.

If you have any questions about this campaign or any other please contact Krystal at 250-216-4239 or