Article: Where We Go From Here

As you know the CBIA has been around for many years. Often seen as a community leader or partner for events, little else is known about who we are. BIA's by definition are here to serve as a marketing and business resource for the areas. But, there is so much more behind the scenes that we do than this. None of this will change, but, we intend to layer in a heightened level of exposure. This is why we have broken out a new brand + look and feel that is specifically for the BIA.

We were using the town branding before and although we wanted this to be complimentary, we needed it to be different. The logo, with a small handle atop the CBIA letters, represents our diverse business mix and can be seen as a retail bag, briefcase, takeout bag, artist portfolio, and a myriad of other things. Best of all, this branding, look and feel etc did not cost the BIA anything, rather it was done via our Marketing person mostly at nights and on weekends.

With our new direction, we plan to put the spotlight on our members while making this happen. We have focused on building up our events over the years and now that they have a name for themselves, we are able to focus on what truly matters - our members. We aid to get members the most exposure we can through a variety of channels, while hosting open meetings, sub-committee boards and other things for you to become involved in. Here are just some of the ways we are putting our focus back on our members.

Business Visibility

Ensuring businesses are getting the maximum exposure is essential. These are the most strategic ways to accomplish this:

1. “Business Focus”:• Meet to fill out list of interesting facts and business review

• Meet to fill out list of interesting facts and business review

• Write brief/story on business

• Take images

• Share on:

• Website – invigorate listing and showcase as blog/news

• Social media – link to and tag relevant tags

• Newsletter (teaser to full business review)

2. Seasonal Theming

3. Event and window/town dressings seasonally

Member Vitality

1. Economic development• Working with Cowichan EDC on a plan to promote ED in Chemainus

• Working with Cowichan EDC on a plan to promote ED in Chemainus

• Create a general ED living/working here package

• Each month during BIA meeting discuss businesses for BIA to broach

2. Advocacy and Community Communication• Communications Group meetings

• Communications Group meetings

• Muni Meetings and touch base with group as required

3. Social Engagement (Encourage extended outreach)

• Member engagement on social media - knowledge and training

• Monthly Events Calendar: Screen cap and tag

4. Member to Member Engagement

• Business to Business tour event

• Business Welcome - article for new businesses and welcome package

5. Weekly Member Check-in (CBIA door-to-door)

6. Member Dedicated Resources:

• CBIA website

• Newsletter (continue but rebrand)

• Education One per month - see square link below for schedule and details.

• Member Specific Events - Such as a Job fair

• Quarterly meetings (Input and feedback)

• Articling (Weekly write-ups in local paper focusing on the business' focused that week)

Co-Op Program (Enhanced)

1. Advertising

• Visitor Guides

• Chemainus features

• Outreach & niche publications

2. Billboard (Local and out of market)

3. Map - Seasonally

4. Town guide/brochure

5. Social Media

6. Website

Events (Public Attracting Events)

1. Savour Cowichan - Taste of Chemainus – TBD

2. Halloween & Sidewalk Sale – 500 ppl (Lower Waterwheel – Encourage Old town)

3. Moonlight Madness – 500 ppl

4. Canada Day & Sidewalk Sale – 2,500 ppl

5. Craft Beer and Food Festival – 1,500 ppl

Marketing Campaigns

1. Shop your town + Chemainus Card (Locals)

2. Rediscover Chemainus (On-Island Locals)

Branded Materials

1. Street Banners (Chemainus)

2. Branded materials (Chemainus)

3. Highway signs (CBIA)

4. Event Posters (CBIA)

5. Advertising in Visitor Guides - Ads Promoting District (CBIA)

6. Billboard (CBIA/Chemainus)

• Local (CBIA)

• Out of market billboards (Chemainus)

7. Map – Seasonally (CBIA)

8. Town brochure (CBIA)

9. Social Media (Chemainus)

10. Website (CBIA and Chemainus)

PR Outreach & FAM

1. Press Package - Creation

2. Active outreach

Niche Markets

Identify multiple segments that we could specifically approach and appeal to by means of targeted advertising, keywords, and a general campaign eg. pets.

Other Opportunities

As we move through the year a number of opportunities will present themselves. We will identify which opportunities work and how we can use them with the singular thought driving the decision: